7 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure: The fluctuations in blood pressure is a common phenomenon in our lives. Although minor fluctuations or variations are part of our daily activities, one must be aware of some lethal facts. It is that if you do not keep your blood flow in check, you might be digging yourself into long term effects of that blood pressure variations. A normal person maintains a blood pressure between as high as 110-120 and as low as 70-80. If your blood pressure is falling beyond or under this level, then there is a definite need for you to keep yourselves under check.

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is one of those conditions where the long term force of the blood against your artery walls is pretty high enough. This might cause long term problems such as heart attacks, kidney problems, etc. High blood pressure is also termed as hypertension where the blood flow is immense. However, to identify blood pressure increase or decrease is generally unnoticeable. It grosses over the years eventually and gets into effect slowly. So, it is always advised to keep your blood pressure under check regularly. In this article, we will go through some of the main symptoms, causes, and the best home remedies to get your blood pressure levels down eventually.

High Blood Pressure- Causes and Symptoms

We have got to learn what blood pressure is actually, but how do we notice or identify the symptoms, causes and the aftermaths once we are affected by High blood pressure? Here are some of the top causes, symptoms, and the aftermaths of high blood pressure. One must be aware of these facts so as to make themselves attentive towards High blood pressure, as it very dangerous and gets dangerous gradually.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

Here are some top causes of High Blood Pressure,

In general, there are two types of Hypertension; Primary and Secondary. Primary Hyper Tension is generally a starting stage of developing high blood pressure which increases gradually over the years. In such a case one might not find many symptoms or causes of it.
Secondary Hyper Tension is the improved stage of high blood pressure where your blood pressure starts to fluctuate periodically more. However, the causes of both primary and secondary hypertension remain the same. Here are some of them,

a) Being overweight or Obese
b) Lack of physical exercise
c) Smoking regularly
d) Having an excess amount of salt
e) Genetically imbibed
f) Adrenal and Thyroid diseases
g) Sleep Apnea
h) Consumption of harmful drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines
i) Getting older in age


Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, people who are into primary hypertension might not notice strong symptoms. But, these symptoms get stronger as the hypertension reaches the secondary level. If your blood pressure is high, then you will get to see the below symptoms more frequently,

a) Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears.
b) Fatigues or Confusion
c) Chest Pain
d) Breathing Difficulty
e) Irregular heartbeats
f) Blood in the urine
g) Vision problems
h) Severe headaches

7 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Sometimes it is always better to follow the natural or home remedies to keep your health rate in check. This is because of the fact that excessive medications too can lead to some side effects as they are made up of both natural and artificial elements. So, if you are suffering from frequent high blood pressures you can keep your levels in check by following these top 7 home remedies.

1. Reducing Sodium Intake

Reducing Sodium Intake: Home remedies for High blood pressure

Sodium intake is generally nothing but the amount of salt you consume. Excessive salt intake can lead to an increased amount of blood pressure. Not only salt is linked to high blood pressure but also affecting kidneys, and also heart strokes. Experts say that even a slight decrease in the amount of salt consumption can reduce up to 5-8 mm of Hg which is a great amount of difference for people suffering from high blood pressures. Reports have proved that more than a quarter of the people who are suffering from high blood pressure is into the consumption of excessive sodium.

Consumption: Just one tablespoon of salt might contain 2300 mg of sodium. So, use some natural herbs or spices to add flavor and taste to your food other than sodium. An ideal intake of sodium level is around 1500 mg for adults. So, keep those numbers in check. Some other alternatives would be,
a) Read food labels before buying– so that you can come across the amount of salt content in that package.
b) Eat fewer processed foods– because most of the sodium content is added while processing the foods.

2. Regular Physical Activities

Regular Physical Activity: Home remedies for High Blood Pressure
Regular Physical Activity

Keep yourself involved in regular physical activities so that you can reduce the risk of succumbing to high blood pressure. Exercising helps a lot. This pumps your blood uniformly due to rapid physical activity. Also, when you are working physically, you sweat a lot. This means a lot of the salt content in your body is drained out helping you loose sodium content. If you cannot exercise then the best option would be to walk around 20 minutes a day which might help you in better results.

Work out: Make sure you work out or exercise around 90 minutes a week to see great results in your blood flow. Or also, you can walk 150-170 minutes a week which is also the same as working out for 90 minutes. Plan your days with at least a minimum amount of physical activity per day.

3. Less Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol: home remedies for high blood pressure

Excessive consumption of alcohol might lead to the raise of blood pressure in your body. Not only directly it can affect you, but alcohol has a significant impact on your medications too. Excessive alcohol might reduce the effect of impact your medication has by decreasing their levels strength. Alcohol has been a silent cause of increased blood pressure in people accounting for more than 16% of high blood pressure cases.

Consumption: Although researchers might say that having a minimum amount of alcohol is good for the heart but excess amounts are definitely dangerous. So, have just around 1 glass of alcohol if you are a woman and not more than 2 if you are a man. This might account to reduce 4 mm of Hg in your blood pressure which is significantly cooler.

4. Basil

Basil Leaves
Basil Leaves

We all know Basil is a delicious herb which is pretty much used in delicious foods. But, it is an excellent home medication to lower the blood pressure. It does not completely lower the blood pressure but adds to at least some amount of decrease. Basil contains a chemical named Eugenol, which constricts the blood vessels a bit. This contraction might help in lowering blood pressure.

Consumption: Basil leaves are a good addition to your food. Make sure you add fresh basil leaves to your diet through your food by maintaining a fresh pot of basil herb. Add some freshly washed leaves to your foods such as pasta, soups, salads, and casseroles.

5. Garlic

Garlic: Home remedies for High blood pressure

As most of us know, Garlic is the best health promoter for the heart and blood. Not only it adds great flavor but also helps in lowering the blood pressure as well. Consumption of garlic increases an element in the body named as, nitric oxide, which can cause your blood vessels to dilate and relax. This thereby helps the blood to flow more freely and hence helping in the reduction of blood pressure.

Consumption: Good amount of Garlic can be added to any recipe. It is so good and a tasty ingredient one would love. You can add it your food and consume it or just fry it a bit and consume it directly.

6. Eating Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium Rich foods
Potassium Rich foods

If you are not aware, then this is the time to be that Potassium is one of the richest minerals for maintaining solid health. What Potassium does is actually it get rids of the sodium content in your body hence reducing the risk of fluctuations in blood pressures. A balanced potassium-sodium diet is the best way to deal with. One can balance this ratio by consuming less processed foods, whole foods, and always fresh foods. Hence, eating rich potassium foods is one of the best home remedies for high blood pressure.

Consumption: Always consume foods which are rich in potassium which counteracts the sodium levels. Here are some foods rich in potassium,
a) Dairy products such as Milk and yogurt
b) Tuna and Salmon fish
c) Fruits such as Bananas, Oranges, Raisins, dates, etc.
d) Vegetables such as leafy, cucumber, potato, sweet potato, etc.
e) Juices- Grapefruit, Orange, Apricot, and Tomato.
f) Beans, Nuts, and seeds.

7. Have Dark Chocolate or Cocoa

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Taking excessive amounts of Chocolate might not be helpful for your heart but consuming lesser amounts might be so helpful for you. Consumption of pieces of dark chocolate might reduce the blood pressure in your body because of the amount of cocoa it contains. Dark chocolate contains 60-70% of cocoa which is rich in flavonoids, which in turn lowers hypertension. Dark chocolate not only deals with hypertension but also helps in the control of cholesterol which is a prime health factor.

Consumption: Do not take excess amount of chocolate but have around 5-6 pieces so as to keep your blood pressure levels in check. For stronger effects, use non-alkalized cocoa powder which is especially high in flavonoids and contains no added sugars.

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