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Home Remedies for Acidity: Acidity has been the common and most outrageous problem for people of all ages. Arguably there are some tons of reasons to blame for acidity but the best part is to negotiate it by taking some quick actions. Acidity is generally heartburn felt around the chest area due to the flowing back of the stomach acids back into the food pipe. There are a number of causes, symptoms, and also a few remedies to counter-attack acidity. In this article, we will get to learn about the different symptoms, causes, and also the top 5 home remedies for Acidity.

After a significant amount of research and exploration, Scientists believe that most of such problems are reduced through natural home remedies. So, it is always better to opt for the natural process of cure and wellness before one rushes into the pharma. Although you are up for a medication, you can still follow some tips here to avoid acidity. In general, people prefer Antacids to counteract Acidity but it works wonders for some and none for the others. So, one must be aware of their situation and their body’s compatibility with the medication they are going through.

Acidity- Causes and Symptoms

It is always the safest bet to know about Acidity, its causes, and its symptoms before you hold onto the top remedies. Acidity might be so worst if we do not notice its severeness and the aftermaths of it.

How is Acidity formed?

Acidity, in general, is formed due to the excessive production of acids than what is normally required for digestion. When we consume food, it passes down the Oesophagus into the stomach. The Gastric glands then produce some acids to kill germs if any in the food digestion. If there are excessive acids produced then a person is meant to prone to acidity.

Avoid Spicy foods and Alcohol Consumption
Avoid Spicy foods and Alcohol Consumption

These are some of the top 5cases who are more prone to acidity than normal:
a) Those who are obese
b) Who consume more alcohol
c) Those who consume non-vegetarian food more often
d) more consumption of spicy food
e) people who suffer from diabetes, asthma, peptic ulcers, etc.

Causes of Acidity

There are several causes for Acidity in people irrespective of ages. Here are some major causes of Acidity one would encounter in their lives.

Causes of Acidity
Causes of Acidity

Acidity occurs due to:
a) Unhealthy eating habits
b) Consumption of excessive foods in routine
c) Due to the ongoing or existing medical conditions
d) Also due to stress, lack of sleep, long gaps between having a meal.
e) Some might also face acidity due to the side effects of their prescribed medication.

Symptoms of Acidity

Every problem has its own kind of Symptoms. These are very necessary to identify the intent and severeness of the problem linked with. So, better keep a note of the below-mentioned symptoms. If you have at least 5 of them, it is better to follow the remedies mentioned below or to consult your personal doctor.

Symptoms of Acidity
Symptoms of Acidity

The main Symptoms of Acidity include:
a) Burning sensation in the stomach
b) Restlessness
c) Bad Breath
d) Indigestion
e) Prolonged sour taste in the mouth
f) Nausea (Uneasiness in the stomach just before you feel to vomit)
g) Difficulty in swallowing
h) Constipation (Irregular bowel movements)

If not taken proper care of, Acidity might lead to bigger problems which include,
i) Excessive vomiting
ii) Gastric Ulcers
iii) Cancer
iv) Severe pains in chest/abdomen

Top 5 Home Remedies for Acidity

Here are some of the top 5 remedies for Acidity one can adapt to come across significant improvements in their acidity levels.

1. Bananas

Bananas: Home Remedies for Acidity

One of the top remedies for any health issue is to have at least one banana/day. As the bananas are pretty rich in potassium they always keep the acidity levels in your body under check. Being alkaline in nature, Bananas reduce the acidity stress on your stomach. Also, Bananas help increase the mucous production which is a vital counteract to acid production in one’s stomach. Bananas are also rich in fiber hence helping to speed up digestion and preventing the recurrence of acidity.

Consumption: Bananas can be consumed directly and it is always better to have at least one banana a day or a maximum of 3 per day.

2. Cold Milk

Cold Milk: home remedies for Acidity
Cold Milk

When compared to the hot milk, cold milk is very vital in countering heartburn and acid reflux. Bearing a high amount of calcium in itself, cold milk prevents an excessive amount of acid production and also absorbs the excessive acids produced. Cold milk also cools up the hot acids in the stomach when compared to the hot milk which is already a bit heated up.

Consumption: Try mixing it up with a small amount of ghee to observe vital progress.

3. Holy Basil (or) Tulsi

Tulsi Leaves
Tulsi Leaves

Yes, the Holy Basil or properly termed as Tulsi is the best cure for this case too. Claiming an enormous number of medicinal properties, Tulsi produces more mucus which prevents the acidic gases being formed which in turn reduces Acidity. Tulsi naturally bears the anti-ulcer properties which reduce the effect of gastric acids. One would not hesitate to use Tulsi because of its vast medicinal properties.

Consumption: The best way to beat out the distress caused by acidity is by chewing 4-6 leaves of Tulsi for instant relief.

4. Ginger

Ginger: Home remedies for Acidity

Chewing a small piece of Ginger can relieve you instantly from acidity at that point in time. The ginger root itself is known for improving digestion and aiding in better absorption and better assimilation of essential nutrients. It eases the stomach by reducing the levels of stomach acid. Ginger also promotes the production of mucus which in turn reduces the total acidic levels produced.

Consumption: If you are hesitant of swallowing ginger straight away, you can crush the ginger, make juice of it, and consume it by adding some lemon juice to it.

5. Cumin Seeds (or) Jeera

Cumin Seeds/Jeera: Home remedies for Acidity
Cumin Seeds/Jeera

Ayurvedic doctors claim that Jeera has a significant effect on stomach problems. These include healing ulcers, reducing the acidity effects, and also on irritated stomach nerves. Jeera has properties which improve the production of saliva. Production of saliva or more saliva increases the metabolism rate, relieves gas, and thereby helps in better digestion. Cumin Seeds also counteract the stomach pain hence having a significant impact on one’s lifestyle.

Consumption: The best way one can use Jeera is to consume them raw. They can also be boiled with water and have them once the solution becomes a bit cooler.

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To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about the top 5 home remedies for Acidity. You can navigate to some more top home remedies by visiting our Home Remedies category. For some interesting articles in regard to lifestyle, you can navigate to our Lifestyle page. Visit our home page for some more latest interesting and amazing content across all categories. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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