Best Root Apps for Lock Screen

Best root apps for lock screen: When it comes to rooting and customization you will always give preference to your screen. By using all these apps you can not only change home screen you can even you can even switch to the dual application. You will get different icon packs. You can change your whole screen looks by simply downloading apps. So you have to be up to date and make your lock screen smart. Lock screen comes up with notifications, password, text messages, emails, date and time display. Many operating systems use the screen the lock apps. The screen lock helps in getting immediate access to your device. They may use a password or a pin cord or some gesture with the help of the touch screen of your device.

Rooting can increase the speed of your phone can bring changes. You can even customize your screen by installing a new application. Below mentioned are some of the application which is best for the devices. All the application can help you to bring different styles to your lock screen.

Best root apps for lock screen

Best root apps for lock screen
Best root apps for lock screen

It’s not possible to buy a new phone every time whenever you are bored with the screen and style. Rooting can be one of the best ways to get read of your old phone. Installing some application just after rooting can be the best option. There are many lock screen application on Google play store which one to choose when one not to choose depends on you.

The 5 Best Root Apps for Lock Screen

Below are some of the best root apps for lock screen which can make your phone look new and smart.

1. Cover

Cover root app for lock screen
Cover root app for lock screen

At the side of the screen application lock screen add rows of apps. You just have to swipe inward to jump directly into app you wanted whenever you open your device screen. Without unlocking your device you can get your features. Without fully opening your lock screen you can even go to apps directly as it is very easy to use. The app shortcuts changes as per your location which is very amazing. When your device is locked that time also you can use this shortcut mode. To assess applications you want you can swipe down anytime from the top-right corner. This application best works after you root your device. Your phone will look very trendy and smart.

2. Corgi

Corgi Root app for lock screen
Corgi Root app for lock screen

This application always needs internet connection to work on your device. But what if you don’t unlock your phone for getting the news feed and all the trending topics in your lock screen? At the bottom of the screen you will receive every type of trending news that you have chosen as favorite news. You can get them by just double tapping on them and you don’t have to sacrifice any facility as they even work with fingerprint sensor. This app is easily available in Google play store

3. SnapLock: iOS Functionality with Custom Styles

Snap lock app for lock screen
Snap lock app for lock screen

This time there was a big makeover for the lock screen of iPhone, moreover there wear real widgets. There are certain users who want the same lock screen like the iPhone. As the iPhone notification swiping gestures and control center access are a lot different from Android devices. This application is perfect to give you a ios 10 lock screen and many things to offer. This application also has amazing features like by swiping left you can clear your notification then by swiping right you can open your notification. Widgets reside on a page to the left just like ios. You can change the whole look of your screen lock and can move in many different ways. You will get this app in Google Play Store you just need to install and see the effects.

4. Microsoft Next: Bing Image & Smart Shortcuts

Microsoft Next app for lock screen
Microsoft Next app for lock screen

You may have not noticed that there was realize of many Android apps in recent years by Microsoft. Microsoft along with the team of android development proved that the apps are useful. This useful app includes Mimicker Alarm, connections, and also the extraordinary Cortana. Location-based shortcuts for quick access to the apps are the best thing about this application. They even use a beautiful background behind the main wallpaper. Every day you will get new wallpapers on your screen.  You will get the third application on your Google play store at free of cost.

5. AcDiaplay: Active Notifications

Ac display app for lock screen
Ac display app for lock screen

There is an active mode in this application. If you take out the phone outside the pocket or receive any message from anyone your phone will active. Even if you receive any notification the screen automatically gets actives. The all-black background is a battery saving mode for AMOLED screen. You can also use your own wallpaper. There is a notification-centric lock screen that gives you easy access to the new message. Your phone will get a new look with this application. You will get this application in Google play store for free.


  • You can change the screen style whenever you want.
  • You can customise your own lock screen.
  • Your screen will look beautiful and you will get a different look.
  • You will get different shortcuts which will make your phone look classy.


Every time it’s not possible to buy a new phone just for speed, display or looks. You can even solve your own problem by rooting your phone in different ways mentioned in our different articles.

Just a swipe can change your life.  By single swipe, you can read your notification or you can clear the notification. If you are an iPhone fan and cannot get one then you can get the same effects just by installing apps in your phone. You can even control the brightness as by swiping and open the phone just by swiping. This application can give you the best experience after rooting your phone.

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