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Instagram Alternatives: If you are looking for some best image networking platforms then this is the apt post for you. 60-70% of the people in the globe only know about Instagram as the best platform for image networking. But the things is that there are lots more. Being launched in 2010 for iOS versions and in 2012 for Android users, Instagram has surely rolled out the image networking platforms. Instagram now accounts for more than 1 billion active users. This is significantly unbelievable to digest of how users are more into using this magnificent application.

Although the numbers above have been eminent one should consider some issues in regard to the privacy and also the photo editing options on Instagram. There are only a few limited photo modification options which might not impress a few. Also, you need to be careful of how you are using Instagram as it now acts as a social messaging platform too. The copyright of the photos that posted will be easily lost. Coming to business marketing, the photos of products can be reposted or copied for other parties to use it without permission.

Instagram Alternatives

So, let us catch up some cool Instagram Alternatives which are also serving their best in the Image networking platforms.

a) Snapchat

Snapchat is the best platform for image networking. You can simply create your Snapchat account and get started. This application provides you with the best bitmoji stickers, filters, tools, and much more. You can communicate with your pals using pictures instantly and the chat gets deleted instantly. Using this application, you can have a lot of fun with your friends and see what are your friends up to. But be mindful of what you snap because snapchatters can always save your messages by a screenshot or other alternatives. Just like Instagram, this application is available across the iOS and Android platforms.

Snapchat: Instagram Alternatives

b) Ello

Ello is the best suit for people who are in with a creative mindset and love to create new pictures/albums. Unlike the Instagram application, where the feed is set up by an algorithm based, Ello is purely setup on a chronological order. You are completely free of ads and also business profiles here. Also, this platform is so flexible that it allows you to post text, videos, audios, and images of any ratio. The discover tab is excellent in Ello, and there are more than 40 hand-curated categories for you to browse and enjoy. This application is available both on the iOS and Android platforms, hence reaching out more people.


c) Smugmug

Smugmug is another top Instagram alternatives available on the web. Although this is not for free it proves its worth by its salient features. Smugmug has recently acquired Flickr which was the largest photo sharing community platform. Hence, now they are looking to expand their lines over to build a good community of photographers and creatives. One thing that catches this application to be the best alternative for Instagram is that you can download galleries to access them offline. That is a cool feature and a well-proposed feature for professional users. You can also share images directly from the app via SMS, email, and social media, so it’s not limited to face-to-face sharing. Smugmug is available both on the iOS and Android platforms making it more reachable to users.

Smugmug: Instagram Alternatives

4) 500px

Another top alternative for Instagram is the 500px photography community application. 500px now holds than more than 11 million users making it one of the popular applications on the web. You can also sell your images by submitting your work to the inbuilt market place for potential clients to view or also you can make the most of your image work by availing an opportunity to work with big brands via the assignment feature. Collections are often broken down into different categories so that users can view them easily by switching categories. Just like the Instagram application, the 500px is also available on both the iOS and Android platforms securing a healthy reach to the customers.


5) DayFlash

Just as Instagram, DayFlash too runs on the same concept of sharing images and reaching out to people. But, it does that a bit different. The formatting of the photos is a bit different to Instagram over here in DayFlash. It immerses you in full-screen vertical HD photos unlike the square layout used in Instagram. Also, just like the Instagram you can take photos in the app, add filters, stickers, and much more. Users can follow friends and also see the feed of friends-of-friends which is a nice way to broaden the variety of images that you see. Dayflash being new to the market does not make it less popular. It is already been in use over 30+ countries and has photographers and professionals at much good rate using it. The only disadvantage is that it is available only on the iOS platform.

Dayflash app

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about the top Instagram alternatives trending on the web. For some articles in relation to tech and tech news, updates, etc. you can visit and delve into the coolest content on the web. Comment your views in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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