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Twitter Alternatives: As we all know, Twitter has been the best and topmost microblogging platforms hanging around. Not needing some special description about Twitter and its usage, it has been reliably the most efficient social platforms in the world. Considering a whopping number of more than 321 million users one should be able to distinguish how big a network this is. But, there are other alternatives too which serve the importance and functions as that of the Twitter application. Twitter allows its users to communicate through small messages termed as tweets. These tweets can be visible, re-posted, and re-tweeted by your followers.

Although the platform looks all set and cool there are some drawbacks linked with it. Some of the set drawbacks are the tweet count limit which is just around 280 words, so you cannot post stories or a large description for something. Also, Spamming has been huge on Twitter. Spammers create fake accounts and provide fake and false information against some big companies or well known social activists. These can set you back and make you look for other alternatives. So, here is an article for you with the best alternatives for Twitter on the internet.

Twitter Alternatives

Some people feel that Twitter doesn’t account for users of what’s said by them and that makes them get off with this application. For people of such kind who doesn’t opt twitter as their microblogging platform, here are some top alternatives you can push yourself into.

a) Tumblr

Tumblr is a famous microblogging platform used by millions of users worldwide. Owned by Yahoo, Tumblr has been a cool Twitter alternative with over 183 million blogs and over 83 billion posts. Using Tumblr one can post images, text, videos, links, etc without any restriction. Tumblr is available both on the Android and iOS platform just like the Twitter application. You can also use the default options for editing texts, posting pictures, and also some cool keyboard shortcuts.


b) Amino

Amino revolves around the theme of social networking which basically focuses on teenage based platforms. Using Amino you can engage with people and communities which match your interests making you more inclined to your respective platform. Amino holds over more than a million communities around the globe and is thereby well established. This application is available both on the iOS and Android platforms hence reaching out more audience just as the Twitter application. You can be anonymous with Amino, i.e, you can change names of yourself for each community. Hence, Amino sounds good to be a cool Twitter alternative.


c) Plurk

Plurk is another top Twitter alternative though with some modifications. Even though Plurk has been facing some serious competition since its launch in 2008, it has been doing well. Plurk is just another microblogging platform with extended features. Some of those include the word limit for posts which extends to 210 characters. Also, users can make use of the instant texting option available which allows users to chat in real time. Plurk also allows you to involve in group conversations which makes it more popular and cool to use. Also, just like Twitter this app is available both on the iOs and the Android platforms.


d) Mastodon

Mastodon is an open source microblogging platform which is filled with toots instead of the regular Tweets on Twitter. Unlike the tweets, the toots can be ranged around 500 words. In Mastodon, you will find a bit different but cool networking bases.
This way you get to engage with the types of people you want to rather than exposing yourself to the whole world. You can use individual instances created by people so that you can join them by abiding with those rules and instructions. If you find them cool you can join them and hence build your networking.

Mastodon: Twitter alternative

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned about some top microblogging sites which act as Twitter alternatives on the web. For some more info in relation to tech, news, and stuff you can visit and delve into some cool stuff on the web. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!

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