WhatsApp Alternatives 2019 – Best Personal and Group Chat Apps

What’s App has everything you would want in a messaging platform, it is secure it provides end to end encryption. Not even Whats App can read your messages. It is simple to use. It takes about 10 minutes even for the most technologically challenged individual to figure out how to use What’s App. Plus everyone you know or will know is on What’s App, making it the ideal platform to communicate. But even What’s App has its detractors; some would prefer the app to have a bit more bling. The interface though simplistic is rather bland. And Facebook’s recent missteps when it comes to privacy have left a lot of people worried. What’s App does own Facebook after all. The recent departure of Whats App founders from Facebook didn’t help matters. According to insiders, they were uncomfortable in the direction Whats App was heading. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it.

Best Whats App alternatives

Here are the best Whats App alternatives



Guild is a mobile based messaging platform for professionals. It is – and will always be – advertisement free, and it puts privacy and control at the core of the application. Nothing can be shared without the client’s authorization.

The application was created to facilitate professional messaging. It very well may be utilized inside associations as a comms apparatus or can assist professionals in staying connected with their peers. A great Whats App alternative.


skype messaging

Skype began in the mid 2000’s as video chat application. Skype is an extraordinary method to call and message people for free. The application has more than 300 million active daily users. Microsoft owns Skype and links it with Microsoft Office making it easily available for organizations.

With Skype connectivity, clients can interface, discuss, and work together with partners, shoppers, different organizations and any other person who utilizes Skype.

Unlike Whats App clients need to approve contacts beforehand, making it more walled off. A terrific Whats App alternative.



Viber is similar to WhatsApp in that it coordinates with existing telephone contacts. It is a cross-platform texting and voice application. Viber is headquartered in Luxembourg and owned by Japanese tech organization Rakuten.

Clients setup their account by means of an entrance code sent by text message. Once downloaded, the application will begin seeking out which of your different contacts use Viber so you can start getting in touch with them instantly.

Asides from messaging, Viber enables clients to call each other which WhatsApp does not. The application has around 260 million every day active clients. The application is most famous in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. You cant go wrong with this Whats App alternative.


we chat

WeChat has more than 1 billion active day to day clients mostly in China. The application takes into consideration content, voice and text sharing. WeChat additionally offers tailored services and account management for select clients.

Clients can incorporate WeChat accounts with Facebook and email to curate contacts all the more effective. The application likewise offers area features, for example, Friend Radar” and “Individuals Nearby” to discover companions and contacts nearby. We swear by this Whats App alternative.


Line messaging app

Line has more than 200 million active day to day users. Clients can activate their account by providing their phone number. The application provides you with free messaging and content sharing. It additionally offers free voice and video calls.

Clients can likewise follow accounts of artists, VIPs, brands and television programs to get the most recent news, promotions etc. You cant do better than this Whats App alternative.

Kik Messenger

kik messenger

Canadian application Kik is a free texting application accessible on Android and iOS working frameworks. Clients register with their email addresses. The UI is straightforward and clients can without much of a stretch message people or gatherings. There are no calling functionalities on Kik.

One of the essential draws for Kik is its anonymity. The main requirements to enroll are an email address, name, and date of birth. It doesn’t request a telephone number. The organization can’t get to authentic information, for example, content or discussions. Some criticism has come its way for facilitating unlawful activity. Kik is very prevalent among twenty to thirty-year-olds and youngsters with more than 240 million clients. A standout Whats App alternative.


group me messaging app

GroupMe is a gathering portable informing application possessed by Microsoft. It is a free gathering informing application good with each cell phone stage. It even works over SMS for those without cell phones. It is basically a private chartroom for small gatherings sans the tea and biscuits.

Clients agree to sign up to GroupMe with their email addresses and enact accounts by means of an instant message. What isolates GroupMe from other messaging applications is that it connects clients over SMS too enabling clients to take part in conversations without a 3G connection. We love this Whats App alternative.

Facebook Messenger

messenger app

Facebook Messenger is the second most prominent messaging application with over 1.5 billion active day to day users. Facebook additionally owns WhatsApp making it the most dominant messaging organization on the planet.

Facebook Messenger works as an independent application on smart phones yet is linked through Facebook profiles. Individuals like Facebook Messenger for its consistent access through Facebook. Clients can talk with companions all the while surfing their feeds.

Facebook Messenger separates itself from WhatsApp in that it exists inside a social media platform. Individuals can see their contacts’ profiles and get familiar with them as they talk.

So here ends our list of Whats App alternatives. Have you picked your proverbial raven yet?

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